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In a story of enduring love, Charles and Clarissa Montgomery defy the boundaries of mortal life with a faith so strong it spans time eternal.

About the Story:

After the sudden death of her husband, the temptation to explore the historic Shenandoah Valley of Virginia was just too strong for Claire LePaige to resist. Yet the closer to Shenandoah she found herself, the more eerily familiar the area seemed. And when she stumbled upon an old, ramshackle house by the river, Claire knew she had to have it, if only for the summer.

Just one drawback … it was rumored to be haunted by Charles Montgomery, the ghost of a Confederate soldier. The children saw him … tried to convince her he was real. However, Claire no more believed in ghosts than she did in reincarnation.

After a series of unexplainable coincidences, Claire’s resolve began to crumble. Had she, in another lifetime, been responsible for the timeless curse that sentenced the spirit of Charles Montgomery to an existence of endless torment?

It would become Charles’ mission to make her believe.


The mood of the story goes on a rollercoaster. There are moments of light-hearted comedy, and moments of heartbreaking drama. Some scenes are full of suspense, and others are matter-of-fact. The book as a whole feels very well rounded, and each new event seems to tidy up loose ends of the one before it. In the end, the story comes full circle, which is incredibly satisfying. Recommended to be considered as a motion picture. Hollywood Coverage Screenwriter’s Review

The book was intriguing. The plot was filled with mystery, history, and even a little romance. The content was very rich and kept me interested. A good book and an interesting read. The Indigo Quill Review by Lis Ann, Tennessee

I just finished a great book, Spellbound by Ann Charlotte. It was a real page turner. S. Lee, Missouri

The Back Story:

Spellbound is a work of fiction, however, there is a back story. My fiancé passed away suddenly in 1993. The morning after his death, my radio alarm turned on with Rod Stewart’s song “Have I Told You Lately That I Love You.” I had never heard the song before and, for several weeks, every store I went into that played music was playing that song. Three times I saw him appear before me, once dressed as a Confederate soldier. Writing Spellbound became a way to keep the memory of Nik with me. Years later, while attending a paranormal conference in Springfield, Missouri, a lady from the opposite side of the auditorium came directly to me, pointed to the cover of a copy of Spellbound and told me, “He says the mustache is wrong”. She was a medium from Savannah, Georgia, who knew things only Nik and I would know.

About Ann Charlotte:

From an early age, I have been writing stories. Encouraged by my Creative Writing professor, I have pursued my dream of becoming a published author. A short story has been published by Reader’s Digest (Canadian Edition) and a work of poetry has been published in an anthology of verse. Of three full-length novels completed thus far, Spellbound is the first to be professionally produced. I am currently working on a children’s book, The Adventures of Skeeter Marie.

Born in Nova Scotia, I was raised in Ontario, Canada, and currently live in northern Idaho, U.S.A.

Setting the Scene:

My son, Jeremy, and I took a research trip to the Shenandoah Valley, Virginia. Many of our experiences, with literary license, are reflected in the story. Here are a few of our photos to help you visualize the scenes in Spellbound. (Click on the image for a closer view.)

Lighthouse at Cape Forchu, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia – where Claire’s journey begins.

The catamaran “The Cat” ferried passengers from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, to Bar Harbor, Maine.

Marys Rock Tunnel along the Skyline Drive, Shenandoah National Park, was built in 1932 and goes through 600 feet of rock.

Hawksbill Peak, at an elevation of 4051 feet, is the highest peak in the park.

Dark Hollow Falls, just off the Skyline Drive, drops 3490 feet.

After climbing Hawksbill Peak, the walk to the bottom of the Dark Hollow Falls was an easy descent. The return climb was pure torture.

Overlooking Shenandoah Valley from the Blue Ridge Skyline Drive.

“Pluto’s Ghost” at Luray Caverns, Luray, Virginia.

The magnificent Stalactite Organ at Luray Caverns, Luray, Virginia.

The iconic Shenandoah River.

Stone-walled ruins of a former estate in Shenandoah, Virginia, where Claire imagined she had attended a gala ball in another lifetime.

Stone railroad bridge near “Montgomery Manor” that Charles traveled across to visit with Clarissa and the children while he was encamped nearby.

The inspiration for “Montgomery Manor”.

Bull Run Bridge where the first major battle of the Civil War at Manassas, Virginia, took place.

Cannon overlooking the battlefield at the Battle of Bull Run (1861) Manassas, Virginia.

Stone house commandeered as a field hospital during the Battle of Bull Run.

Monument to General Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson.

Just one of the many monuments dedicated to the soldiers of the Civil War at Gettysburg, PA.

Cast of Notorious Historical Characters:

Belle Boyd
Confederate rebel spy – provided valuable information to General Stonewall Jackson.

Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson
General in the Confederate Army.

Harriet Tubman
Abolitionist – escaped slave who rescued about 70 enslaved people using the Underground Railroad.

Samuel Clemens
(aka Mark Twain)
Author & Humorist

Jefferson Davis
President of the Confederate States

Robert E. Lee
Surrendered Confederate Army to Grant at Appomattox Court House.

General Ulysses S. Grant
18th US President & CIC Union Army

Jesse James
American outlaw, bank & train robber, guerrilla.

Frank James
Confederate soldier, outlaw and guerrilla.

William Quantrill
Former school teacher, soldier. Confederate guerrilla leader.

Abraham Lincoln
16th US President

John Wilkes Booth
Actor – Shot President Lincoln at Ford Theater, Washington, DC.